TITAN offers Engineer Certified Public Protection

As a TITAN Agent and Registered Trained installer you are provided National access to our patented components and a Vault of Safety, Quality and Compliance documentation.

  • As a TITAN agent you will have access to
    • Structural Engineer AS 4687 Certification for every hoarding you Install or Modify
    • Nationally accredited
    • Multiple Systems, configurations and Manuals for Impact and Wind certified installations
    • National Standard Training and Registration on the National TITAN database
    • Support network and Blue chip client access on a national level
    • Co-branded marketing material with national exposure
    • Support your existing clients Nationwide
    • ACCESS to a Nationwide collective of information based on practical experience from over 300 installers
Below is Brief list of TITAN Developed Intellectual Property that is open for use by TITAN trained Agents:
    • TITAN Engineer Certified Award Winning Systems
    • TITAN ACCESS™ IC – Installation Certificate
    • TITAN ACCESS™ SQC – Safety Quality and Compliance Checklist
    • TITAN ACCESS™ IT – Installer Training Module
    • TITAN ACCESS™ RR (ready-reckoner V21 100616) Engineer Certified
    • TITAN ACCESS™ APP – available to Agents, Sub agents, Installers and Clients
    • TITAN YouTube Links to 20+ installation manuals
TITAN offers Structural Engineer AS 4687 Certification, Cm3 and BROWZ OHS Certified systems and AS 4801 Compliant Processes.

TITAN Hoarding Systems are easy to erect and come with site specific AS 4687 structural engineer certification for impact and wind. This unique system never causes damage to mall finishes, permanently removing the need for make good works. TITAN is your off-the-shelf hoarding solution to protect the public from the dangers of a worksite.

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