• TITAN trained Agents and Installers provide Safety, Quality and Certification with Smarter Engineer Certified site Hoarding Solutions.
    • Engineer Certification for every installation and modification
    • Hoarding Specific Safety | Quality | Compliance documentation
    • Up to 6.0 metres high free-standing with Zero fixings and to 10.0 metres Engineer Certified
    • Cm3 and BROWZ OHS Certified Systems and AS 4801 Compliant Processes
  • Additional Accessories and Services on offer
    • Several entry lock options
    • Door closers
    • Specialised entry doors and gates systems
    • Fire rated, acoustic and cold room panelling
    • Different panel sizes and thickness 
    • Access to Multiple adaptable Engineer Certified hoarding solutions and configurations
    • Site specific Hoarding Engineer Certified designs
TITAN Engineer Certified Public Protection™  100% Australian innovation, TITAN has developed and tested Engineer Certified Free-standing Hoardings for every site requirement. 
TITAN provides a NATIONWIDE Hoardings solution:

1300 046 273 or

Coming Soon, TITAN ACCESS™ App and Desktop Portal, for all TITAN Clients, Agents and Installers NATIONWIDE.

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