1. Definitions and Interpretation

In the Agreement:

Agreement means the agreement made between THS and the Hirer comprising the Hire Specifics, the Hire Quote and these Terms and Conditions.

THS means Titan Hoarding Systems Australia Pty Ltd ACN 166 386 303.

Business Hours are 8.00am to 5.00pm on a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday in Brisbane.

Commencement Date means the date of the initial dispatch of Equipment to the Hirer.

Consumables means the consumables detailed in the Hire Quote.

Equipment means the Titan Hoarding System equipment hired by the Hirer from THS pursuant to the Agreement but excludes the Consumables.

GST means the ANewTaxSystem(GoodsandServicesTax)Act1999 (Cth).

Hirer means the person, company or other legal entity hiring the Equipment from THS. Where the context permits, it includes Hirer’s employees and contractors.

Hire Period comprises the interval between the Commencement Date and the date agreed in the Hire Quote as the final day of the hire or such extended date as agreed in writing by the parties.

Hire Quote means the hire quote provided to the Hirer by THS and accepted by the Hirer’s signed acceptance.

Hire Specifics means the hire specifics attached to the Hire Quote.

Payment means payment by the Hirer to THS of the amount specified in the Hire Quote.

PPSA means the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) as amended and any replacement or successor legislation.

Trade Marks means any trade mark in respect of the Equipment from time to time.


2. Hire Agreement

2.1 THS shall let and the Hirer shall take on hire the Equipment. If the Hirer wishes to hire Equipment, the Hirer must sign the Hire Quote, or any other form reasonably required by THS and notified to the Hirer from time to time.

2.2 The Hire Quote shall not constitute a separate hire agreement but shall be read together with and form part of this Agreement incorporating all of the provisions of this Agreement.

2.3 The Agreement embodies the entire agreement between THS and the Hirer. THS will not be bound by, or liable for, any statement, representation, promise, or understanding that is not set forth in the Agreement. The Agreement supercedes all other writings and oral communications, and nothing contained in proposals, correspondence, discussions, order acknowledgements, or other of the Hirer’s forms has any effect on the Agreement unless specifically incorporated in writing in the Agreement. The Agreement further supersedes any correspondence, statements, promises, understandings, representations or courses of conduct inconsistent with the provisions of the Agreement. Any modification to the Agreement must be in writing signed by both the Hirer and THS.

2.4 By signing the Hire Quote, the Hirer acknowledges that the Hirer has had sufficient opportunity to read the Agreement and agrees to be bound by it.

2.5 THS has the right to insist upon the Hirer’s strict adherence with the Agreement at any time despite any previous failure or delay by THS to insist upon strict adherence with the Agreement. Any failure or delay by THS at any time to insist upon strict performance of the Agreement by the Hirer and THS’s enforcement of THS’s rights and remedies thereunder shall not release the Hirer from its obligations under the Agreement or constitute a waiver of any right of THS.


3 Payment

3.1 The Hirer must pay THS the hire charges and the damage waiver fee specified in the Hire Quote for the Equipment for the Hire Period including any applicable GST, stamp duty or other duties, tolls, fines, penalties, levies or freight and other charges relevant to this Agreement and the hire.

3.2 The Payment must be paid by the Hirer to THS prior to or on the Commencement Date of the Hire Period. If the Hirer does not pay the Hirer’s account on the account terms agreed the Hirer will be required to pay a 1.5% per month service charge on the past due balance until the Payment is made.

3.3 The Payment must be paid in the manner, to the account and in the amount specified in the Hire Quote. The Hirer acknowledges that not receiving an invoice from THS will not relieve its liability to make Payment.

3.4 The Hirer acknowledges that it cannot claim a reduction in the Payment for returning the Equipment prior to the end of the Hire Period.

3.5 The Hirer will be liable for all costs and expenses arising directly or indirectly from any breach by the Hirer of the Agreement.

3.6 The Hirer accepts that THS will outsource debt recovery at the Hirer’s expense in the event that the Hirer fails to make timely Payment.


4. Hire Of Equipment

4.1 The hiring of Equipment by THS to the Hirer under this Agreement will commence on and from the Commencement Date and may continue until this Agreement is terminated.

4.2 The minimum Hire Period is twenty-eight (28) days.

4.3 The Hirer is entitled to use the Equipment for the Hire Period. However, the Equipment must be used strictly in accordance with THS’s instructions and industry best practices.

4.4 Any extension of the Hire Period must first be agreed to in writing by THS.

4.5 Unless pick up details are specified in the Hire Quote the Hirer must return the Equipment to the address of THS on or before the end of the Hire Period as detailed in the Hire Quote. Failure to do so by the end of the Hire Period can be regarded as theft of the Equipment and will incur further charges.


5. Delivery and Return of Equipment

5.1 The Hirer may retain THS in the capacity of an agent to deliver the Equipment.

5.2 The charges for delivery will be detailed in the Hire Quote. THS may charge additional fees in fifteen-minute increments, at the rate specified in the Hire Quote, for incurring unanticipated delays and failed deliveries.

5.3 Upon request by the Hirer THS will issue the Hirer with an “off hire” number (which the Hirer must retain) once the Equipment has been returned or THS has been requested by the Hirer to collect the Equipment. Subject to clause 5.4 the issue of an off hire number will confirm the expiration of the Hire Period.

5.4 Where any action or inaction by the Hirer delays, hinders or precludes collection or return of the Equipment to THS the issue of an ‘off hire’ number will not confirm the expiration of the Hire Period and end the Hirer’s liability for rendering Payment. Any delay in collection caused or contributed to by the Hirer will be deemed to be an extension to the Agreement and will be charged and invoiced to the Hirer in the manner provided in clause 8.3 of the Hire Specifics.

5.5 The Hirer is liable for all damages, losses, costs, and expenses that may arise directly or indirectly out of THS’s agency agreement with the Hirer with respect to delivery of the Equipment.


6. Receipt of Equipment

6.1 The Hirer must upon receipt of the Equipment determine that the Equipment corresponds in all respects with the Hire Quote.

6.2 The Hirer must notify THS upon delivery if the Equipment does not so correspond in all respects with the Hire Quote. 


7. Use of the Equipment

7.1 The Hirer acknowledges that the use of the Equipment carries with it dangers and risks of injury and the Hirer agrees to accept all dangers and risks.

7.2 The Hirer must maintain the Equipment in good condition and must not, without THS’s prior written consent, alter, make additions or deface the Equipment or any of its logos or such other of its marks, numbers or identifying particulars.

7.3 The Equipment shall not be used by anyone other than the Hirer and the Hirer’s authorised personnel without the express written consent of THS.

7.4 The Hirer will only install and use the Equipment in accordance with the design requirements and the installation instructions notified from time to time to the Hirer by THS.

7.5 The Hirer will ensure that all persons using, erecting, dismantling or moving the Equipment are instructed in its safe and proper use, erection, dismantling or movement and, where required by applicable regulatory requirements, hold valid proof of current training or are currently fully licenced and insured to use, erect, dismantle and move the Equipment as the case may be.

7.6 The Hirer must use, maintain, store and transport the Equipment in a proper manner and where required strictly in accordance with any instruction provided by THS and with due care and diligence.

7.7 The Hirer agrees that the Equipment will only be used for its intended purpose and in accordance with any THS instructions and recommendations in regard to use, erection, dismantling, movement, maintenance or storage.

7.8 The Hirer must comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations in addition to all relevant industry best practice, custom and standards relating to the use of the Equipment and associated operations.

7.9 The Hirer must ensure the Equipment is returned to THS in good order and condition, clean of all foreign matter failing which the Hirer must indemnify THS in respect of the cost of any repair or cleaning.


8. Damage to Equipment

8.1 If Equipment is returned or collected in a condition which in the reasonable opinion of THS renders it unusable for hire, or if Equipment is stolen or missing, the Hirer must pay THS on demand the cost nominated by THS for replacement or repair of the Equipment.

8.2 The Hirer will be liable for all costs, expenses, damages and losses both direct and indirect arising from the Hirer’s failure to collect or return the Equipment as specified in the Hire Quote, including where there has been theft of the Equipment.

8.3 The Hirer acknowledges that all liability in respect of the Equipment continues during the “off hire” period while THS arranges collection of the Equipment at its reasonable convenience.


9. Damage Waiver

9.1 Upon payment by the Hirer of the damage waiver fee detailed in the Hire Quote the Hirer will not be responsible for any accidental damage to the Equipment occurring during the Hire Period.

9.2 The Hirer must immediately upon demand pay THS the amount of any excess that is charged to THS in respect of damage waiver.

9.3 This clause in no way entitles the Hirer to, or implies the availability of, compensation from THS for any liability incurred by the Hirer in relation to the use of the Equipment.

9.4 This clause will not continue to operate after the expiration of the Hire Period unless an extension by THS is granted in writing and an additional agreed fee is paid by the Hirer to THS.

9.5 This clause will not apply to loss or damage which relates to or arises from:

(i) Hirer’s non-adherence to normal maintenance requirements that could reasonably be expected of the Hirer under the Agreement;

(ii) Hirer’s neglect, refusal or failure to fully comply with all or any instructions and recommendations given to the Hirer by THS in respect of the proper use and maintenance of the Equipment;

(iii) unexplained disappearances of the Equipment;

(iv) loading or offloading the Equipment from maritime vessels, transportation of the Equipment on maritime vessels or the use of the Equipment on any wharf or bridge or on or over any body of water;

(v) Loss or damage during transport;

(vi) Loss or damage caused or contributed to by the negligent act or omission of the Hirer.


10. Hirer’s Warranties

10.1 The Hirer warrants to THS, and it is a condition of the Agreement, that –

(i) the Equipment will only be used in accordance with THS’s instructions and any procedures recommended by THS and otherwise subject to the Agreement;

(ii) the information provided by the Hirer to THS is correct in every respect and is not misleading in any way including, without limitation, by omission;

(iii) that any change to the information provided by the Hirer to THS, including change in the directorship, senior management or conversion to or from a company or to or from a trust, shall be indicated in writing by the Hirer to THS within seven (7) days of such event occurring;

(iv) the Hirer holds a valid current licence (if any licence is required) in respect of use, erection, dismantling and movement of the Equipment;

(v) the Equipment will not be used for any illegal purpose or any purpose other than its intended purpose;

(vi) the Hirer will not, without prior written consent of THS, tamper with, repair or modify the Equipment in any way, or permit another to do so;

(vii) unless notified in writing to THS immediately upon receipt by the Hirer, the Hirer agrees that the Equipment is in good repair and condition and is fit for the Hirer’s purpose;

(viii) unless notified in writing to THS immediately upon receipt by the Hirer, the Hirer agrees that the Equipment has been received by the Hirer clean and in good working order; and

(ix) the Hirer will not in any way part with possession of the Equipment, sub-lease the Equipment nor assign the Agreement, nor remove the Equipment from the site of its intended use as notified to THS without the prior written approval of THS.

10.2 The Hirer further warrants that any person signing any documentation on behalf of the Hirer has:

(a) the Hirer’s authority to contract with THS on the Hirer’s behalf;

(b) has been authorised by Hirer to bind Hirer to hire the Equipment under this Agreement; and

(c) agrees to indemnify THS against all losses, costs and claims incurred by THS if this is not the case.


11 THS’s Rights

11.1 Any reference to THS for the purposes of clause 11 of these Terms and Conditions also includes any relevant third-party financier of the Equipment.

11.2 THS may terminate the Agreement and recover the Equipment at any time on seven (7) days’ notice to the Hirer. If THS exercises this termination right, THS will refund the Hirer for any hire fees received by THS which relate to Equipment hired beyond the Hire Period, less a deduction for reasonable expenses incurred by THS in connection with the recovery and/or transport of the Equipment.

11.3 Despite anything else contained in this Agreement, THS may take immediate possession of the Equipment if the Hirer breaches any provision of this Agreement or does not pay the Hirer’s account strictly in accordance with THS’s payment terms. The Hirer irrevocably authorises THS to enter upon any land or premises where THS reasonably believes the Equipment to be located for the purpose of repossessing the Equipment.

11.4 THS may terminate the Agreement and take immediate possession of the Equipment if the Hirer commits any act of insolvency. An act of insolvency includes but is not limited to a notification of insolvency by the Hirer, the Hirer entering into a deed of company arrangement with creditors or creditors’ execution being levied against the Hirer, an application being made for the winding-up of the Hirer or notice is given of a meeting of creditors with a view to the winding-up, administration or liquidation of the Hirer, the appointment of a controller or administrator, the Hirer’s bankruptcy or the Hirer personally presenting or having presented against the Hirer a bankruptcy petition.

11.5 THS may enter any premises where the Equipment or any part of it is, or believed to be located for the purpose of:

(a) inspecting or testing the Equipment;

(b) protecting THS’s rights or interest in the Equipment;

(c) ensuring compliance with any applicable law, including any law relating to health and safety; or

(d) exercising its right to take possession or control of the Equipment.


12. Liabilities and Indemnities

12.1 To the full extent permitted by law the Hirer releases, discharges and indemnifies THS and will hold THS indemnified from all claims and demands on THS arising out of or consequent on the use or misuse of the Equipment during the Hire Period or breach of the Agreement by the Hirer.

12.2 Without limiting any provision of this Agreement, the Hirer agrees that to the full extent permitted by law, no warranties are given by THS in respect of the Equipment. Any liability of THS pursuant to any warranty which cannot be excluded by law will not exceed either the cost of repairing the Equipment or the cost of resupplying the Equipment, at the discretion of THS.

12.3 The Hirer will assume all risks and liabilities for, and in respect of, the Equipment and for all injuries to or deaths of persons and any damage to property howsoever arising from the Hirer’s possession, use, maintenance, repair, storage or transport of the Equipment.

12.4 Neither the Hirer nor THS will be liable for delay or failure of performance with respect to its obligations (except Hirer’s payment obligations) to the extent that the delay is caused by force majeure. Force majeure shall mean any event or condition that adversely prevents or delays the performance of any obligation arising under the Agreement, but only to the extent such event or condition is demonstrably beyond the control of the party claiming force majeure. Force majeure may include but is not limited to such events as war, terrorism, revolution, strikes, acts of God, natural disaster or fire.  Any such delay or failure of performance exceeding seven days shall entitle either party to terminate the Agreement by written notice.


13 Title to Equipment

13.1 Any reference to THS for the purposes of clause 13 of these Terms and Conditions also includes any relevant third party financier of the Equipment.

13.2 The Hirer acknowledges that THS retains title to the Equipment and that the Hirer has rights to use the Equipment as a mere bailee only. The Hirer agrees that the Hirer has no rights to pledge THS’s credit in connection with the Equipment.

13.3 The Hirer must not agree, offer or purport to sell, assign, sub-let, lend, pledge, mortgage, let, hire, create any security interest (as defined in the PPSA) or otherwise part with or attempt to part with personal possession or otherwise deal with the Equipment, nor conceal or make any addition or alteration to, the Equipment.

13.4 The Hirer must not make any representation, or behave in such a manner, as to induce any person to believe that the Hirer possesses title in or ownership of the Equipment.

13.5 The remaining provisions of this clause apply to the extent that the Agreement provides for a ‘security interest’ for the purposes of the PPSA. The rights of THS under the Agreement are in addition to, and not in substitution for, THS’s rights under other law, including the PPSA, and THS may choose whether to exercise its rights under the Agreement and/or other law as it sees fit.

13.6 THS may register its interest as a security interest under the PPSA. The Hirer must do anything (such as obtaining consents and signing documents) which THS requires for the purposes of:

(a) ensuring that THS’s security interest is enforceable, perfected and otherwise effective under the PPSA;

(b) enabling THS to gain first priority (or any other priority agreed to by THS in writing) for its security interest; and

(c) enabling THS to exercise rights in connection with the security interest.

13.7 THS may recover from the Hirer the cost of doing anything under this clause, including but not limited to registration fees.

13.8 The Hirer waives its rights to receive a verification statement in relation to registration events in respect of commercial property under section 157 of the PPSA.

13.9 To the extent that Chapter 4 of the PPSA applies to the security interest under the Agreement, the following provisions of the PPSA do not apply, and, for the purposes of section 115 of the PPSA, are ‘contracted out’ of the Agreement in respect of all Equipment to which that section can be applied –

(a) section 95 (notice of removal of accession to the extent it requires THS to give notice to the Hirer);

(b) section 96 (retention of accession);

(c) section 121(4) (notice to grantor);

(d) section 125 (obligations to dispose of or retain   collateral);

(e) section 129(2) and 129(3);

(f) section 130 (notice of disposal to the extent it requires THS to give notice to the Hirer);

(g) section 132(3)(d) (contents of statement of account after disposal);

(h) section 132(4) (statement of account if no disposal);

(i) section 135 (notice of retention);

(j) section 142 (redemption of collateral); and

(k) section 143 (re-instatement of security agreement).

13.10 The following provisions of the PPSA confer rights on THS:

(a) section 123 (seizing collateral);

(b) section 126 (apparent possession);

(c) section 128 (secured party may dispose of collateral);

(d) section 129 (disposal by purchase);

(e) section 134(1) (retention of collateral).

The Hirer agrees that in addition to those rights, THS shall, if there is default by the Hirer, have the right to seize, purchase, take possession or apparent possession, retain, deal with or dispose of any goods, not only under those sections but also, as additional and independent rights under the Agreement and the Hirer agrees that THS may do so in any manner it sees fit, including (in respect of dealing and disposal) by private or public sale, lease, or license. The Hirer further agrees that nothing in the Agreement will constitute a contracting out of the provisions of the PPSA listed in clause 13.10(a)-(e) inclusive.

13.11 The Hirer must do everything necessary on its part to ensure that section 275(6)(a) of the PPSA continues to apply. The Agreement in in this subclause is made solely for the purposes of allowing THS the benefit of section 275(6)(a) and THS shall not be liable to pay damages or any other compensation or be subject to injunction if THS breaches this subclause.


14 Location and Use

14.1 The Hirer must expressly inform THS of the location and any change of location of the Equipment during the Hire Period.

14.2 The Hirer must not –

(a) allow any third party to use or sub-lease the Equipment;

(b) permit removal of the Equipment from the location that the Hirer represented the Equipment would be without the prior written consent of THS.

14.3 The Hirer must store the Equipment in a safe place and do all things necessary to ensure the continued safety and preservation of the Equipment.


15. Information

15.1 The Hirer authorises THS to collect, store, use and disclose information about the Hirer for the purposes related to the provision of hire services (including whether to allow credit on the Hirer’s account), reporting information to any credit agency, marketing THS’s goods and services, and enforcing any rights under the Agreement.

15.2 The Hirer expressly consents to receiving commercial electronic messages from THS and its agents for the purposes of the Spam Act 2003. The Hirer may withdraw its consent at any time by notifying THS in writing.

15.3 THS will comply with the National Privacy Principles in all dealings with the Hirer.


16. Governing Law

16.1 The Agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland and each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Queensland.

16.2 If any provision of the Agreement is wholly or partly invalid, unenforceable, illegal, void or voidable, the Agreement must be construed as if that provision or part of a provision had been severed from the Agreement and the parties remain bound by all of the provisions and part provisions remaining after severance.

(Terms & Conditions last updated 20/02/18)


Hire Specifics

1. Hire Agreement

1.1 The Equipment, the Consumables and any related services detailed in the Hire Quote are supplied by THS according to these Hire Specifics and the Terms and Conditions above.

1.2 The Hirer acknowledges that the Terms and Conditions form part of the Agreement and agrees to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions, the Hire Quote, and the Hire Specifics. In the event of any inconsistency, the terms of the Hire Quote and Hire Specifics shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

1.3 These Hire Specifics supersede any earlier published version. THS reserves the right to review and amend these Hire Specifics upon written notice to the Hirer.

1.4 The Hirer must have an account with THS which is open for trade. Otherwise, a trade account application must be completed by the Hirer and approved in writing by THS prior to any hire being made.

1.5 Payment in full by the Hirer to THS for the Equipment is required prior to the provision of the Equipment unless THS waives this requirement in writing.

1.6 Payments may not be prorated across the term of the Hire Period and no retention monies will be deducted.

1.7 Work cannot proceed until the Hire Quote with the Hirer’s signed acceptance is received by THS.


2. Hire Quote

2.1 Each Hire Quote is valid for a period of 30 days only unless otherwise specified in writing in the Hire Quote.

2.2 The Hire Quote is subject to THS Equipment availability, and to change depending on actual quantities required, timing and site conditions.

2.3 The Hire Quote is only applicable for the site and location specified in the Hire Quote.

2.4 Acceptance of the terms of the Hire Quote, the Hire Specifics and the Terms and Conditions may be inferred from the Hirer’s conduct, including the Hirer making a request for delivery and/or installation or the Hirer directing THS to perform works.


3. Equipment Delivery, Installation and Removal

3.1 Where the Hire Quote includes delivery, installation and/or removal of Equipment, the pricing quoted is subject to none of the conditions in clause 3.2 being applicable.

3.2 Unless already specifically detailed in the Hire Quote, additional delivery, installation, removal charges and other charges will apply where:

a. The actual delivery point differs from the designated delivery point by one kilometre or more.

b. The terrain is hazardous, rough, uneven, boggy, steep, subject to heavy vegetation or otherwise of such character as to hinder mobility or make access or egress difficult or cumbersome.

c. Access is hindered and/or delivery/installation/removal process is slowed due to external factors or unusual features.

d. Delivery/installation/removal is required outside of THS’s Business Hours.

e. Additional visits to the Hirer’s site are required for maintenance, changes in access and doors, re-stands, re-configuration (for whatever reason), re-locations, partial removals or additional deliveries.

f. THS is delayed or prevented from delivering, installing or removing for any reason beyond its reasonable control.

3.3 Any cancellation must occur at or before 11:00 a.m. of the day prior to the designated delivery date.  Any cancellation occurring afterward may be subject to additional charges.

3.4 The Hirer is responsible for unloading the Equipment upon delivery to the site and for repackaging and reloading the Equipment for return to THS.  The Equipment must be repackaged by the Hirer in identical packaging to that in which it was received.

3.5 Any Equipment returned in worse condition than its condition upon dispatch from THS (fair wear and tear excepted) shall be cleaned, maintained, repaired and where necessary replaced at the Hirer’s expense.


4. THS Labour Rates

4.1 Unless the Hire Quote states otherwise, THS’s current labour rates per person are:

i. $65 per hour (ex GST) during THS’s normal working hours (4 hour minimum per person)

ii. $65 per hour (ex GST) for site induction during THS’s normal work hours (2 hour minimum per person)

iii. $90 per hour (ex GST) outside THS’s normal working hours Monday to Friday and on Saturday (4 hours minimum per person)

iv. $120 per hour (ex GST) Sunday & public holidays (4 hours minimum per person)

v. THS will charge its labour rates for travel time depot to depot and load/unload time where applicable. Such charges will be in addition to any transport charges that may be applicable.

4.2 All rates (including labour rates and cycle billing rates) are subject to change by THS.

4.3 The Damage Waiver is only applicable if the Damage Waiver charge is paid prior to the claimable event.


5. Related Services

5.1 If required by the Hirer, or pursuant to any applicable laws, traffic control, security guards and other specific required attendance will incur additional charges beyond the amount in the Hire Quote.

5.2 Installation procedures, guides, specifications and other documentation required for the installation will be available on the website at www.t-h-s.com.au. The Hirer is responsible for complying with all installation procedures, guides, specifications and other documentation.

5.3 Any additional Equipment or services beyond those detailed in the Hire Quote will be at the Hirer’s cost.


6. Equipment

6.1 The Hirer must give THS advance notice of any special or unusual features of the installation site.  Unusual features include but are not limited to high pedestrian areas and secure areas.

6.2 If any unusual features apply, and these have not been disclosed by the Hirer, then additional charges may be made.

6.3 Hoardings and all other Equipment must be handled and installed in accordance with Titan Hoarding System specifications and structural engineering specifications and all other applicable documentation including the installation manual and guides.

6.4 Extra charges may be applicable for site specific bracing for hoarding stability / wind / crowd loading if deemed necessary by THS’s installers.

6.5 Additionally, dust suppression cloth or signage attached to hoarding panels can create additional wind loading and requires the necessary bracing for safety, dust suppression and security. Please contact THS’s office to arrange for a site inspection with regard to specific requirements.

6.6 No responsibility is taken for any other services when modification to either Equipment or site features or structures is required for installation unless specifically identified in writing prior to installation. All services are performed by THS as the Hirer’s agent, and the Hirer is responsible for any costs or damages arising out of the modification.


7. Work Health and Safety

7.1 The Hirer is responsible for complying with all work health and safety requirements and applicable laws. The Hirer must contact the relevant authority prior to any works commencing.

7.2 The Hire Quote does not include any costs or provision for Hoists/Booms/Scissor lifts or similar machinery unless expressly specified therein. If any additional plant or equipment is required for installation, and THS arranges for it to be provided, the Hirer will responsible for payment on the basis of costs plus 25%.


8. Extensions To Hire Agreement

8.1 Not less than seven (7) days prior to the expiry of the Hire Period, the Hirer may make a written request to THS to vary the Hire Period until a specified date or for an unspecified period.

8.2 Within two (2) business days of receiving the Hirer's written request under clause 8.1, THS will notify the Hirer in writing whether or not THS accepts the Hirer’s request.

8.3 Any extension to the Agreement will be calculated and charged to the Hirer in minimum charge periods of fourteen (14) days and will be invoiced on a four (4) week billing cycle at the rate specified in the Hire Quote. If the Hire Quote specified a fixed fee rather than a rate, any extension to the Agreement will be charged on a proportionate basis to the fixed fee Payment.

8.4 Where THS and the Hirer agree in writing to extend the Hire Period for an unspecified period, the Agreement may be terminated by either THS or the Hirer giving not less than seven (7) days' written notice to the other party.

8.5 If any Equipment is not returned at the expiration of the Hire Period the Agreement will be treated as being extended for an unspecified period and the Hirer will be invoiced in accordance with clause 8.3.  In such circumstances THS may terminate the Agreement at will by notice in writing to the Hirer.

8.6 All other terms and conditions of the Agreement (as embodied in the Hire Quote, the Hire Specifics and the Terms and Conditions) will continue to apply to any extension granted pursuant to this clause 8.

(Hire Specifics last updated 26/02/18)

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