Unlike most companies installing Hoardings, TITAN does not rely on connections to 10mm plasterboard ceiling as a structural connection point. Why? Because it is a dangerous construction method.
Ask yourself one question: Can a hoarding connected to only 10mm plaster and maybe light tin frame by only a screw BE SAFE?  Answer: NO!
It is an outdated and dangerous method of hoarding construction.
          A Form 16 can be issued by a tradesperson or builder as a Structural Certificate
          Structural Engineers will not certify a hoarding connected to a plaster ceiling

Seek out and review a plan of any Hoarding company claiming Structural Engineer AS 4687 Certification, now cast your eye over how the hoarding is secured at the top.

Any plans detailing a hoarding connected to a plaster ceiling most always leave out how it is connected, they do this for a reason, why, because the hoarding company is aware it will never pass a competent Structural Engineer's Certification.

Protect the public, ask the question; Is the hoarding safe? 
Settle for nothing less than Engineer Certified Public Protection™.
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